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Top 6 Best Compost Bins for Your Kitchen Counter

Top 6 Best Compost Bins for Your Kitchen Counter

Composting at home is an eco-friendly way to reduce waste and enrich your garden soil. For those short on space or looking for convenience, kitchen counter compost bins are a perfect solution.

Here, we'll review the top six compost bins designed for your kitchen counter, highlighting their features and benefits.

Some of these bins are caddies for storing scraps indoors before transporting them to an outdoor composting system, while others are full compost systems suitable for on-the-counter composting.

If you're in a hurry, we've rounded up the top six best compost bins for your kitchen counter. Otherwise, feel free to keep reading and explore them in more detail below!

Top 6 Round-Up


Skaza 9.6L Bokashi Organko 2

  • 9.6L Capacity
  • Stylish and Practical
  • 240mm (w) x 240mm (d) x H 340mm (h)



Skaza 15.3L Bokashi Organko Essential

  • 15.3L Capacity
  • Family Sized
  • 352mm (w) x 302mm (d) x H 387mm (h)



Maze 18L Bokashi Bin

  • 18L Capacity
  • Affordable Quality
  • 340mm (w) x 280mm (d) x H 390mm (h)



Skaza 3.3L Organko

  • 3.3L Capacity (2-Pack)
  • Stylish and Conveinient
  • 240mm (w) x 205mm (d) x 170mm (h)



5L Stainless Steel Hangable

  • 5L Capacity
  • Hangable Compost Caddy
  • 250mm (w) x 160mm (d) x 245mm (h)



9L Slim

  • 9L Capacity
  • Conveniently Sized
  • 410mm (l) x 140mm (w) x 270mm (h)


Bokashi Composting Systems

Introducing our complete kitchen composting products, powered by the Bokashi composting method that utilises a compost accelerator.

These innovative solutions not only collect your kitchen scraps but also efficiently break them down into nutrient-rich compost, enriching your garden soil.

Additionally, they produce a liquid fertiliser that can be used to nourish your plants, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to waste management.

Our Favourite Composter
Style and functionality

Skaza 9.6L Bokashi Organko 2 Composter

Effortlessly Stylish, Infinitely Practical

Blending a sleek design with practical functionality, it enhances home composting with style.

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The Skaza 9.6L Bokashi Organko 2, a Red Dot Design Award winner, excels in design and function, making it perfect for kitchen counters. It converts all food waste, including meat and cheese, into nutrient-rich compost.

Using an airtight container and Bokashi bacteria, it efficiently breaks down waste without odors. This process allows you to keep it anywhere in your home, with the resulting material ready for your garden or compost bin.

Available in three stunning colours—cream white, olive, and cappuccino—to complement any kitchen decor.

  • Handles both cooked and uncooked food, including meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables
  • Collects scraps conveniently in your kitchen, reducing the need for frequent trips outside
  • Produces a liquid that can be used as a natural drain cleaner or diluted as a plant fertiliser
  • Odor-free and does not attract fruit flies
  • Enriches garden soil and helps decontaminate it from harmful pathogens and pollutants
  • Convenience: Collects scraps right in your kitchen
  • Odor-Free: No bad smells
  • Stylish Design: Sleek and modern, it enhances any kitchen counter
  • Bokashi Accelerator Required: Needs a constant supply to function effectively
  • Learning Curve: Takes time to master the Bokashi process.
Weight 2.4kg
Width 240mm
Depth 240mm
Height 340mm
Available Colours Cream White / Olive / Cappuccino
Material 100% Recycled Polypropylene (PP)

Great for Families
Great capacity

Skaza 15.3L Bokashi Organko Essential

Family Sized, Exceptional Utility

Made from post-consumer recycled plastics, it offers an eco-friendly solution for larger households.

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The Skaza 15.3L Bokashi Organko Essential boasts an air-tight design and a generous capacity, ideal for handling all your organic waste.

It includes a convenient stand and is crafted from eco-friendly recycled plastics. Available in two sleek colors—black and grey—it lets you create nutrient-rich compost right in your kitchen, blending functionality with sustainability.

  • Manages a variety of food types, including cooked and raw, such as meats, fish, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Collects kitchen scraps conveniently, avoiding frequent trips outdoors.
  • Creates a liquid byproduct suitable for use as a natural drain cleaner or diluted plant fertiliser
  • No bad smells produced and wont attract pests like fruit flies
  • The compost it creates improves the quality of garden soil
  • Generous Capacity: Offers ample space for storing kitchen scraps.
  • Sturdy Stand: Includes a durable stand for stable placement in the kitchen.
  • Odor-Free: No bad smells
  • Bokashi Accelerator Required: Needs a constant supply to function effectively
  • Learning Curve: Takes time to master the Bokashi process.
Weight 2.2kg
Width 352mm
Depth 302mm
Height 387mm
Available Colours Black / Grey
Material 100% Recycled Polypropylene (PP)

Great Value
Excellent bang for buck

Maze 18L Bokashi Bin – Indoor Kitchen Composter Kit

High-Quality, Affordable Price

Made from post-consumer recycled plastics, it offers an eco-friendly solution for larger households.

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The Maze 18L Bokashi Bin – your essential indoor kitchen composter kit for sustainable living. With its generous 18L capacity, compact yet sturdy design, and convenient handle, composting has never been easier.

Say goodbye to messy spills with the easy-to-access tap for extracting the nutrient-rich liquid byproduct, perfect for fertilizing your plants. Upgrade your eco-friendly lifestyle today with the Maze 18L Bokashi Bin.

  • Package Contents: 18L Indoor Composter, Scoop, Compactor, 500ml Bottle of Liquid Bokashi
  • Accepts cooked and uncooked food, including meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables
  • Compact and easily portable design
  • Odor-free with no presence of fruit flies
  • Enhances garden soil quality
  • Produces nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer.
  • Generous Capacity: Offers ample space for storing kitchen scraps.
  • Budget-Friendly: Composting without breaking the bank.
  • Odor-Free: No bad smells
  • Bokashi Accelerator Required: Needs a constant supply to function effectively
  • Learning Curve: Takes time to master the Bokashi process.
Weight 2.3kg
Width 340mm
Depth 280mm
Height 390mm
Available Colours Black (green lid)
Material 100% Recycled Polypropylene (PP)

Compost Caddies

Introducing our compost caddies, the perfect solution for managing your green waste. These bins act as a convenient collection point for your kitchen scraps, reducing the need for frequent trips to your outdoor compost bin.

With our compost caddies, you can easily gather and store your food scraps indoors until you're ready to compost, making the process more convenient and efficient.

Our Favourite Caddy
Style and convenience

Skaza 3.3L Organko Compost Caddy - Twin Pack

Twice the Eco-Friendliness!

Get double the convenience with our two-pack offer, perfect for managing kitchen waste effortlessly.

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This caddy comes in a convenient 2-pack, perfect for responsible and sustainable organic waste management.

It helps you collect food scraps daily, with its small footprint ensuring easy placement on your kitchen counter.

The smart lid design allows for easy one-handed operation and emptying, while the convenient carry handle adds to its usability.

With an extra caddy on hand, you can continue your waste management routine seamlessly while one is in the dishwasher.

  • Includes 2 x 3.3L Caddies
  • Dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning
  • Crafted from consumer recycled plastics
  • Features simple one-hand emptying and a convenient carry handle
  • Ideal companion for other composting solutions
  • Doubles your waste management capacity with 2 caddies
  • Effortless cleaning in the dishwasher saves time and hassle
  • Streamlined design enables easy one-hand use
  • Smaller size may require more frequent emptying, particularly for larger households
Weight 0.4kg
Width 240mm
Depth 205mm
Height 170mm
Available Colours Black / Grey
Material 100% Recycled Polypropylene (PP)
Capacity 3.3L

Slim-line Design
Fits nearly anywhere

Maze 9L Slim Compost Caddy

Streamlined practicality and functionality!

Ideal for smaller or narrow spaces, making kitchen scrap collection and storage effortless.

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The 9L Slim Compost Caddy stands out with its ergonomic and practical design, ensuring seamless disposal of scraps from dishes and cutting boards.

Designed for ease of use, it simplifies the process of managing kitchen waste, turning what could be a chore into a breeze.

  • 9L Capacity
  • Slim design for easy disposal from plates and chopping boards
  • Fits seamlessly into compact spaces
  • Compostable Bags option available - Suitable for compost bin disposal
  • Slimline design facilitates easy disposal of kitchen scraps
  • Fits well into tight or small spaces
  • Slim design may require more frequent emptying for high-volume use
Weight 0.6kg
Length 410mm
Width 140mm
Height 270mm
Colour Black (green lid)
Material 100% Recycled Polypropylene (PP)
Capacity 9L

Scrape away your scraps


Practical, Hangable

Effortlessly hang and scrape away food waste with ease.

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A seriously practical and stylish solution for sustainable kitchens. Crafted from sleek stainless steel, this caddy boasts a timeless design that complements any decor while ensuring durability for long-lasting use.

Designed to hang conveniently on most cabinet doors (less than 25mm), it offers easy access wherever food preparation happens. Its clever lid system allows for effortless disposal of scraps right where you are, while the removable plastic bucket ensures easy cleanup.

Ideal for eco-conscious households, the 5L Stainless Steel Hangable Caddy combines practicality with eco-friendliness for a greener kitchen experience.

  • 5L Capacity
  • Easy-to-use space-saving lid design
  • Hangs on any cupboard door (thickness less than 25mm)
  • Removable inner plastic bucket with handle
  • Dishwasher-safe removable bucket
  • Facilitates convenient disposal of kitchen scraps right where you are
  • Features a detachable dishwasher safe inner plastic bucket with a handle, making cleanup a breeze
  • Takes up space on cabinet doors, which could be a consideration in smaller kitchens.
Weight 0.92kg
Width 250mm
Depth 150mm
Height 245mm
Colour Black & Stainless Steel
Material Plastic (PP) & (ABS) with 410 Stainless Steel
Capacity 5L

Find Your Perfect Kitchen Compost Bin

Whether you're in need of a complete benchtop composting system or just a caddy to streamline your kitchen waste collection, there's a perfect compost bin for your kitchen counter, whether you prioritize style, capacity, or sustainability.

Explore our complete benchtop compost bin collection and kickstart your composting journey with ease!

Got any handy tips or personal stories about using kitchen compost bins? Share them in the comments below! Let's swap ideas and insights to make our kitchen composting experiences even better.

Together, let's take steps towards a greener kitchen, and as always, Happy Gardening!

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